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For Two Hundred Years

This land was home to the Dimon Family. Generations of Dimons etched their varied legacies into the turning centuries -- from yeoman farmers, to Revolutionary minutemen, from famed clipper ship builders to wealthy maritime merchants and peers of the well-known Vanderbilts and Manhattan elites. The story of the Dimon family is rich and layered with success and scandal, triumphs and tragedy.

We invite you to enjoy the quiet slice of country that was beloved by the Dimon family for two centuries. We strive to tell the tale of their very American dreams in our reinvention of "the Manor," and bring a feast of local history to the table.



The Manor REstaurant


Step inside the Manor and experience cocktail and cuisine expertly crafted and courteously served. 

Farm to table and dock to dish, enjoy fresh, seasonally inspired dishes that delight the senses and warm the soul.

 Just as the Smith & Dimon clipper ships carried exotic teas, silks and spices from far away ports and destinations, we seek to bring global influences to traditional fare.  

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